About Us

About Suhitam

Suhitam literally means “Beneficial for all”. We are the organization believes in benefiting everyone by providing good health and advise to keep nurturing the perfect health with the help of nature. We believe that nature is the best healer in this world and promote to lead healthy life by accepting the laws of nature. The human being is a unity of body, mind and spirit. Health involves caring for the body, mind and spirit as natural intends the human being to take care of them. In the state of health there is a feeling of comfort (sukham) all the time with this feeling arising out of the body’s internal cleanliness. We at Suhitam IndoPol understand the basic nature of human beings and try to resolve health issues one is suffering from may be due to various reasons.

We have only one motto:  “Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah” means “May all be healthy and happy in their lives”.