Know Your Body

Body Type Test

Part - I


Low, has difficulty in putting on weightMedium, can gain & lose weight easilyOverweight, Difficult to lose weight

Tall or shortAverageThin & sturdy / short & stocky

Light, small bones, Prominent jointsMedium bone structureLarge, broad shoulders, Heavy bone structure

Dark complexion, Tans easilyFair skin, sun burns easilyWhite, pale, tans evenly

Dry, coolSmooth, Oily T-zoneOily, Cold

Dry, pigmentation and agingFreckles, many moles, redness, rashes and acneSoft, glowing and youthful

Dull, black, brownRed, light brown, yellowBrown

Dry, Black Knotted, BrittleStraight, OilyThick, Curly

Long, angular,ThinHeart-shaped,pointed chinLarge, round, Full

Part - II

Small, active, darting, dark eyesMedium sized, penetrating, light sensitive eyesBig, round, beautiful glowing eyes

Scanty eye lashesModerate eye lashesThick / Fused eye lashes

Excessive BlinkingModerate BlinkingMore or less stable

Wrinkled, SunkenSmooth, FlatRounded, Plump

Crooked, narrow,SmallPointed, AverageRounded, Large open nostrils

Irregular, protruding teeth, Receding gumsMedium sized teeth, Reddish gumsBig, white, strong teeth, Hearty gums

Tight, thin, dry lips which chaps easilyLips are soft, medium-sizedLips are large, soft, pink & full

Dry, Rough, Brittle, Break EasilySharp, Flexible, Pink, LustrousThick, Oily, Smooth, Polished

Irregular, ScantyStrong, UnbearableSlow but Steady

Sweet / Sour / SaltySweet / Bitter AstringentPungent / Bitter /Astringent

Part - III

High & non persistentHigh & persistentScanty

Irregular, Forms GasQuick, Causes BurningProlonged, Forms Mucous

ConstipationLoose - ThickOily, Sluggish

Scanty, broken up, sleeplessnessSound,Needs regular hoursDeep, heavy, prolonged

Speaks fast & unclearPrecise, clear to the point, sharpSlow, gentle, long chats, monotonous

Hyper activeModerateSlow

Hyper activeModerateSlow, dull

Anxiety, Fear, UncertaintyAnger, ambitious, practicalCalm, peaceful, solicitous

Quick to remember-and to forgetAverage, clear, distinctSlow to remember and to forget


Part - IV

Quick & UnstableQuick & sustainedAlways cool

Fantasizes, romantic, quick to releaseStrong, burning desire, active & IntenseSlow, long enduring, passionate and tender

Dislike cold, windy, dry weather, likes warmthDislike hot weather, prefer cool well ventilated placesDislike cool and damp weather, can tolerate different climates

Fashion OrientedBusiness OrientedFamily Oriented

Creative, many projects at a timeOrganised, one project at a timeFollows a plan or idea, dislikes change

Worried, confused, often gives wrong solutionAgitated, gives right and firm solutionCalm and slow but gives right solution

Trendy and versatileExecutive wear or sportyCasual, comfortable, loose clothing